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The inception of Tinsukia College in the year 1956 was the result of the strenuous efforts of Late B. K. Saraswatji who mobilized all required resources with the help of likeminded citizens of Tinsukia, a part of the then Lakhimpur District to give rise to this great institution. Without their support and patronage, the college would never have come into being. Before the college came to be located in the present premises at Kachujan, in 1961; it started out in the present premises of Senairam Higher Secondary School on 1st September, 1956. The college started as an Arts College initially at intermediate level but in the very next year Commerce stream was introduced. In 1957 itself the college was upgraded to Degree level. The year 1964 has a special significance in the annals of Tinsukia College when Science stream was also added making it a full-fledged Degree college. For an educational institution to rise to this level within a span of eight years of its inception is a feat in itself. Till 1964, courses were conducted under the auspices of Gauhati University but with the establishment of Dibrugarh University in 1965, the college was brought under its jurisdiction.

Message from Principal

Dr Surjya Chutia

Tinsukia College is a pioneering institution of Higher Education in the North Eastern part of Assam. This college has been catering the need of higher education to thousands of students of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The growth of this institution during the last 63 years is remarkable. As the present world is changing in very rapid strides, we have to cope up with the speed of the change.....

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